The court of broken knives by Anna Smith Spark - Book review

Well, this blog has been a long time coming, but I've finally managed it at last. I've loved reading forever, and the back catalogue of books I'd want to review is long indeed, however, I must start somewhere.

In the past few years I've put down more books un-finished than I've managed to complete, and the list of books I would read again (if only we had more hours in the day!) is even smaller yet. So I'm really happy that my latest read is so far keeping me happily engaged.

I first got hold of The court of broken knives some months ago. In the fantasy book world it has been raved about by many, and with the entire Empires of dust trilogy now available, it seemed a sure thing. I just wasn't in the right head space initially though, and didn't make it through the first chapter. Silly me. Last week I picked it back up and have now, comfortably forged my way through to chapter 23 with no signs that I might be about to abandon it to the wolves again. 

I love t…